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2018 Sleep Out America

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Tonight, I am choosing to sleep  outside!

Why would I do something so ridiculous, especially given the weather?

Because my heart is breaking for the 3,000 kids across the state of New Jersey who are without a home tonight. But unlike me, most of them don't have a choice in their situations.

So tonight, I am sleeping outside for them. 

I am hoping and praying that you will give.

It really comes down simply to money. So sad to say. We have the property, the approvals from the city. We have the knowledge and skills to help the kids. We just need to raise the balance of the funds to complete the StreetLight building in Elizabeth. Once done the StreetLight building,  as part of Covenant House New Jersey, will provide a home for 20 more young people every night.

Our kids will be able to receive basic life needs, like 3 meals a day, a safe place for them to live, clothes to keep them warm and so much more. At Covenant House New Jersey we help our kids develop a plan for their life that is good. We help them remove the obstacles they face. Our staff lawyers assist them with any legal problems and access benefits they are eligible to receive. Our behavioral health care team helps our kids work through the emotional trauma they have experienced. Our Dove Learning Center provides our kids with the connections and skills to find jobs or return to school.

Quite honestly, I am really not looking forward to sleeping outside, especially in this weather. But then neither do the kids who are experiencing homelessness.

We can’t do any of this without YOU!

Please consider making a generous gift so we can rescue more kids.

God bless you and your family,



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