We ask every Sleep Out America participant to fundraise or donate what they can to have an impact on youth experiencing homelessness. Today and throughout tonight are great times to share your message and fundraising page link! Here are our top tips to help you fundraise.

  • Use your URL

  • Ask for donations on social media

  • Email or text friends and family

  • Use photos to tell your Sleep Out story

  • Say thank you


Your Sleep Out America personal donation page is set up and ready to receive donations - use it! To locate the direct link to your page (your URL): go to www.sleepoutamerica.org, click on “Find a Participant” on the top right corner and then locate your name. Once you are on your personal page you can easily copy the web address in your browser window and use it in your social media posts, text messages and emails.


Post throughout the day or night using our ready-to-go messages below to tell people about your night outside and why it’s so important to support you.

Facebook: Did you know that 40% of individuals experiencing homelessness in the U.S. are kids? These kids don’t choose this life and I am doing something about it. I joined Sleep Out America to raise funds for @CovenantHouse and tonight, I’m spending a night sleeping outside so homeless youth don’t have to. Support my Sleep Out and kids facing homelessness across the country by making a donation to my Sleep Out page. Insert Personal URL

Facebook: Tonight, I’m spending a night sleeping outside so homeless kids don’t have to. I’m a part of a movement of people from coast-to-coast who chose to step out of our homes – and comfort zones – to sleep outside in support of those who have no choice. Sleep Out America will help @CovenantHouse bring shelter to young people who have no place else to turn. Support my Sleep Out and kids experiencing homelessness across the country by making a donation to my Sleep Out page. Insert Personal URL

Facebook: Every day, @CovenantHouse outreach specialists canvass the most dangerous neighborhoods in search of kids facing homelessness. Fueling an outreach van costs about $35 per day - make a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page to help us keep outreach vans on the street and kids off them! Insert Personal URL

Facebook: 57% of kids experiencing homelessness spend at least one day of every month without food. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to concentrate if I miss lunch. So today I’m asking you to consider making a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page of $57 - so that no young person at @CovenantHouse goes hungry. Insert Personal URL

Twitter: Provide a week of meals to a @CovenantHouse kid with a gift of $50. Please support my #SleepOutAmerica campaign. Insert Personal URL

Twitter: Tonight I’m sleeping outside so homeless kids don’t have to. Help me help the kids @CovenantHouse. Insert Personal URL


Social media is great, but email or texting your link directly to a group of friends can work even better. Use the following “goal-oriented” messages to capture their attention This tactic is especially successful after you've collected approximately 1/2 of your goal (because sometimes people don’t want to be the first donor or they don’t know how much to give). A great accompanying image is a screenshot of the thermometer on your page:

Tonight I am sleeping on the street in as a participant in Sleep Out America. For this one night, I’ll trade my bed for a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag on the ground. Sounds crazy, right? Not nearly as crazy as this: over 2,000 kids facing homelessness turn to Covenant House for help each night. I’m raising funds and awareness to help keep the lights on and doors open for these kids in need. Will you help me help kids by making a donation on my fundraising page? Insert Personal URL

Tonight I am sleeping out and, I’m trying to raise $410 as part of my Sleep Out America campaign for Covenant House. Why $410? Because that will provide emergency medical care and a week of meals for a young person coming off the street, along with a set of clean, warm linens for his or her bed. Please make a donation to help me! Insert Personal URL


Post photos of your Sleep Out to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels to spread the word about what you’re doing, why it’s so important, and to gather support for our national movement. A few key points to keep in mind:

  • For tonight, make your profile “public” so that your posts can be seen and shared across the Sleep Out America community
  • Use #sleepoutamerica to tag your photos and have them appear on our social mosaic on the Sleep Out America website
  • Where possible, provide a link to your personalized Sleep Out America web page to gather donations and provide your community with access to our website to learn more!


Your donors will automatically receive a thank you note (and a receipt) from us, but hearing from you will make them feel special, too. If you’re using social media, tag your donors in a post about your campaign to make sure they see the shout-out. Others will notice the recognition and want to become donors, too!

Facebook: Thank you SO MUCH to Tag Donor Name(s) for making a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page! Not only are you helping me get one step closer to my fundraising goal (only Insert Amount Remaining) to go!), but you are also helping provide kids @CovenantHouse with food, shelter, safety, and support. I appreciate your help more than I can say, and couldn’t do this without you! Insert Personal URL

Twitter: Thank you SO MUCH Tag Donor Name(s) for donating to my #SleepOutAmerica page and helping me help homeless kids @CovenantHouse! Insert Personal URL

Email: Dear Insert Name, Thank you so much for your donation in support of my Sleep Out, and investing in the kids at Covenant House! Your gift helps provide young people with the comforts of home that make life at Covenant House feel safe and stable, and for an incredible amount of care and love from the staff. Thank you also for helping me get one step closer to my fundraising goal for Sleep Out America! I’m so grateful for your support, and know I couldn’t do it without you. I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience. Thank you! Insert Personal URL