Throughout the night, we’ll be using social media to connect the nationwide community of people Sleeping Out. Help us create momentum and show the nation that from coast to coast we are united in helping homeless youth by joining the conversation using #sleepoutamerica.


Posting photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels is the best way to spread the word about what you’re doing, why it’s so important, and to gather support for our national movement. A few key points to keep in mind:

  1. For tonight, make your profile “public” so that your posts can be seen and shared across the Sleep Out America community.
  2. Use #sleepoutamerica to tag your photos and have them appear on our social mosaic on the Sleep Out America website
  3. Where possible, provide a link to your Sleep Out America webpage to gather donations and provide your community access to our website to learn more


Use the ideas and text below in your email, social media, and even in-person fundraising appeals and thank you messages. You can also access email templates in your Participant Dashboard.

Spread the Word

Everyone can help spread the word about Sleep Out America! Use these sample messages below to recruit others to join your Sleep Out.

Facebook: Did you know that 40% of homeless in the US are kids? These kids don’t choose this life and I want to do something about it. Tonight, I’m joining Sleep Out America to raise funds for @CovenantHouse and spend a night sleeping outside so homeless youth don’t have to. Will you join me? <insert personal URL>

Facebook: Tonight I’m spending a night sleeping on the street so homeless youth don’t have to. I’m joining a movement of people from coast-to-coast to step out of our homes – and comfort zones – to sleep outside in support of those who have no choice. Sleep Out America will help @CovenantHouse bring shelter to young people who have no place else to turn. Join my group or be part of the movement by starting your own Sleep Out at sleepoutamerica.org.

Twitter: Tonight I’m sleeping outside so homeless kids don’t have to. Join me in support of @CovenantHouse: sleepoutamerica.org

Requesting Donations

People feel more connected when they know what they are helping to fund, so try offering donation amounts and what they represent:

Facebook: Every day, @CovenantHouse outreach specialists canvass the most dangerous neighborhoods in search of homeless kids. Fueling an outreach van costs about $35 per day - make a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page to help us keep outreach vans on the street and kids off them! <insert personal URL>

Facebook: 57% of homeless kids spend at least one day of every month without food. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to concentrate if I miss lunch. So today I’m asking you to consider making a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page of $57 - so that no young person at @CovenantHouse goes hungry <insert personal URL>

Twitter: Provide a week of meals to a @CovenantHouse kid with a gift of $50. Please support my #SleepOutAmerica campaign <insert personal URL>

Goal-Oriented Appeals

Goal-oriented posts work, especially after you've collected approximately 1/2 of your goal. Share a screenshot of the thermometer on your page or for a clever pitch, try something like these:

Facebook: This week, I made it halfway to my fundraising goal of <insert fundraising goal>! Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts so far - I’m so excited about what we’re doing for the kids at @CovenantHouse. I still have <insert amount remaining> to raise before #SleepOutAmerica on November 16- please help me get there! <insert personal URL>

Facebook: Tonight I am sleeping out and, I’m trying to raise $410 as part of my #SleepOutAmerica campaign for @CovenantHouse. Why $410? Because that will provide emergency medical care and a week of meals for a homeless young person coming off the street, along with a set of clean, warm linens for his or her bed. Please make a donation to help me <insert personal URL>

Twitter: Update on progress, can’t believe how close I am to goal! Thanks for the support of me and @Covenanthouse. Still time to donate <insert personal URL>

Say Thanks

Your donors will automatically receive a thank you note (and a receipt) from us, but hearing from you will make them feel special, too. If you’re using social media, tag your donors in a post about your campaign to make sure they see the shout-out. Others will notice the recognition and want to become donors, too!

Facebook: Thank you SO MUCH to <tag donor name(s)> making a donation to my #SleepOutAmerica page! Not only are you helping me get one step closer to my fundraising goal (only <insert amount remaining> to go!), but you are also helping provide kids @CovenantHouse with food, shelter, safety, and support. I appreciate your help more than I can say, and couldn’t do this without you! <insert personal URL>

Twitter: Thank you SO MUCH <tag donor name(s)> for donating to my #SleepOutAmerica page and helping me help homeless kids @CovenantHouse!

Bonus material: Include a photo of you and your donor and use the above text as a caption to make your post pop!

Get The Word Out